SolderSeal™ Premium Ring/Eyelet Connectors Kit 300Pcs

SolderSeal™ Premium Ring/Eyelet Connectors Kit 300Pcs - SolderSeal

SolderSeal™ Premium Ring/Eyelet Connectors Kit 300Pcs

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No soldering kit needed. Start making secure and durable connections in seconds.


  • Package includes: Total 300 PCS Heat Shrink Ring Connectors. Wire range: 22-18 ( red :) / 16-14 ( blue ) / 12-10 ( yellow ) A.W.G. 
  • 3:1 heat shrink ratio and adhesive shrink properties of our electrical connectors will leave you in peace. As there is no possibility that fluids could get inside of our waterproof electrical connectors.
  • Copper barrel is an excellent conductor of electricity, corrosion resistant and has a very high melting point. These salient features will generate minimal heat while maintaining a high current flow with minimal voltage drop.
  • Different Color coded tubing with wire gauge imprint provides easy identification. Measure your wire, and easily choose the right connector by looking at the wire gauge imprint on polyolefin tubing.
  • Our Ring/Eyelet Terminals are commonly preferred in the automotive sector and the marine sector, but can also be used for vehicle, home or scientific wiring projects.



Wire range: 0.5~1.5mm², A.W.G.:22~18, Maximum current = 19A

Wire range: 1.5~2.5mm², A.W.G.:16~14, Maximum current = 27A

Wire range: 4~6mm², A.W.G.:12~10, Maximum current = 48A


Package includes:

Total: 300pcs

Red-------------------------------------------100pcs(M5#10: 25pcs, M6 1/4”: 25pcs, M8 5/16”: 25pcs, M10 3/8”: 25pcs)

Blue----------------------------------------------100pcs((M5#10: 25pcs M6 1/4”: 25pcs, M8 5/16”: 25pcs,M10 3/8”: 25pcs)

Yellow-------------------------------------------100pcs((M5#10: 25pcs, M6 1/4”: 25pcs, M8 5/16”: 25pcs, M10 3/8”: 25pcs)






  1. Strip wire insulation
  2. Crimp terminal barrel with a wire crimper, and apply heat evenly with a heat gun while rotating the connector.
  3. Heat shrink tubing will reduce in size and adhere to the wire.



Operating temperature: -55 ℃ -125 ℃
Minimum shrink temperature :
Fully recovery temperature :


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